Wednesday, April 23

Who is the new kid on the block?

"Life is all about simple pleasures. In simplicity there is wonder." _ Alex

Alex is the new kid on the block and she's the author of "Vivere: Live, Laugh, & Just Be." But Alex has been around the block a few times before deciding on this particular stop. Life is all about second chances. She is lucky to have finally found her passion and purpose in life. She loves to create and her life experiences give her lots to draw upon. When you express yourself in some form, you become vulnerable, and that allows you to connect with others in a very special way. Alex has had an exceptionally wonderful life and has worked with some tremendously talented people. That doesn't mean that she's escaped the pain that shadows life. When you've suffered you want to spare others the agony and that's a good reason for sharing.

Please click on  Vivere: Live, Laugh & Just Be to download my ebook.
There is so much in it to inspire you, motivate you, heal you, and entertain you. So many secrets and quite a few aha moments.

Why would you want to follow my blog or hear what I have to say?

Because I am a friend that can help you find the wisdom inside you. We all have it but there is so much noise, we miss it. We don't get a second chance in life so we need to make the most of every minute. I can share some insight that can help you enjoy the best of life and hopefully avoid some of the pain. Our lives have a lot in common even if our experiences are uniquely our own as we journey through life alone.

So who is Alex Abaz, really? She is a passionate and purposeful woman that keeps reinventing herself. As an executive, I've worked with the best people building the latest technology, creating marketing campaigns and selling to CEO's of major organizations. Produced sales brochures, organized major conferences, and exhibited at various trade shows. I have built companies from the ground up. I confess I have won big and also lost too much. I don't accept "it can't be done" and I am resourceful and creative. That's what I've been told by associates and friends. I am also a risk-taker. That's the true definition of an entrepreneur. I am a stickler for follow-through, meeting commitments, and accomplishing goals.

I chose to work from home after the birth of our son. That just means I was doing double duty -- babysitter and CEO. Getting balance in life is like riding a teeter-totter. You need two people to stay up. You just can't do it alone. Family break-ups are difficult and painful. I learned a lot about family law and about myself.

I've always worked hard doing whatever needed to be done. Now I am finally doing what I love to do. I have several books in the works and hope to develop some digital games and websites. Lots of ideas. I like surprises and I don't give up easily. Hope is a budding seed.

What is your passion in life?
What can you not keep yourself from doing willingly?