Sunday, July 6

New blog on latest toolbox | Google+ & Social Media Marketing

Finally, I release my latest masterpiece: The Go-to Book on google+: Marketing through Social Media. Let it roam in googleland and climb to the top of the charts of the best-seller's list. It's bound for world-wide acclaim - or not! Between you and me I think the book is terrific but I couldn't bounce it off my desktop fast enough. After an arduous trek, we just want it over with. So how do I celebrate this big achievement? Do I dance in the streets and shout out Hooray! Well, I can't bring myself to dance in the streets. They'd lock me up in a loony bin. I'll just have to shout, "Hooray!". Can't scream it out loud enough. Hooray!!!

I expect my latest ebook "The Go-to-Book on google+ to help you add megabytes of more data to the internet. Click to get a real-time visualization of the internet in real time.

So here it is - just gone Live!!!

 "The Go-to Book on google+: Marketing through Social Media plus quick tips & shortcuts to help you get up-to-speed on google+"

The Go-to Book on google+ is a toolbox packed with tips and tricks for google+ and social media marketing. You’ll learn what to do to sell your brand on social networks and how to get your business found on Google.

The book covers two big topics: how to use Google+ Social, and how to engage followers to sell your brand with social media. Step-by-step tutorials with large screen shots will help you get going with google+ and Google My Business. You’ll get all the tips & tricks you need to create an awesome profile or business page and great referrals on who to add to your circles. How do you create a post that will pop off the page? How do you get invites to communities? Why not build your own community? Can you have a page without a profile? What’s the difference anyhow? You’ll learn about local business pages and how to get found on Google Search, Maps, and Street Views. You’ll learn how to get followers and how to interact with them in a way that will generate support and leads. I share my program for how I went from zero to 1001+ followers in less than 60 days.

You’ll learn what to do and what not to do, so you stay on Google’s good side.  There are over 80 scoops of advice from leading marketers to help you with google+, facebook and other networks. The latest research will help you decide which network is best for you. How do you get the most traffic to your websites? How do you convert it? What can +postads do for you? You’ll learn how top marketers create content for free and get their top tips on how to optimize posts for PageRank and engagement signals. What content gets the most engagement? **Google Search is all about social interaction. There are tools, shortcuts, alerts, links, and resources that will serve you well, and you’ll find them all in one book.

The Go-to Book on google+ is easy to read and quick to apply. Top blogs and videos are covered in point-form so you get the most and the latest in quick order. Graphics and images illustrate steps and concepts. You get everything I wish I knew when I got started on google+. **Take a look at the Table of Contents and I know you’ll be convinced that this book is a wise investment.

There are two goals for this book. One goal is to show you how to fly with google+ and the other is to help you work out with social media and digital marketing.The Go-to Book on Google+ is a toolbox that covers everything from A to Z. Really!!

I'm really quite proud of this book. I feel it ranks with the best. Would really love to hear from you and get your reviews! Leave a comment below.
Please check out my The Go-to Book on google+: Marketing through Social Media.